Lattakia masterplan, Syria


The Ugarit Resort Project is located to the north of the city of Lattakia directly on the Mediterranean beach.  The project consists of residential zones, 5* and 3* hotels, marina with food courts and public spaces, offices and a souks/mall.  The Masterplan allows for a mixture of residential and touristic activities in a comfortable resort mood by relying on climate responsive strategies and empowerment of clean energy systems. The aim is to benefit from the sea, to integrate the environmental form givers and to create a yearlong destination for an assortment of activities.  The Masterplan layout offers a series of changeable courtyards, diverse outdoor spaces and different massing schemes that are thematically arranged so that the spatial dimension of pedestrian movement through them can be enhanced. Touristic activities have the benefit of a maximum direct experience of the sea. Apartments surrounding the courtyards profit from the agreeable views onto the courtyard and the horizon beyond, in addition to the regulated adequate exposure to natural conditions like sun and wind.

In collaboration with Conser