Printing Press


This study examines the external envelope of the Printing Press building in Kuwait. The different sections of this document address the following issues:

First, a brief introduction describes the building.

Second, the climate characteristics of Kuwait City are analyzed in order to assess the situation and define the most appropriate strategies to be adopted.

Third, the building is examined with respect to the sun's movement during the year and the resulting solar access on the building.

Fourth, a number of simulations illustrate the impact of the building envelope on the interior spaces.

Fifth, a presentation of the glazing and shading materials used for the simulations explains their technical characteristics.

This document ends with a series of recommendations and options that need to be addressed by the design team in order to enable them to make informed decisions regarding the building envelope.


The buildings can be split into three distinct areas: the highly glazed, triple height, printing area-in which the press machines are located. The basement and ground floor areas home to the storage and auxiliary rooms that serve the printing press and staff that co-ordinate its operation.

Thermal Modeling Software TAS modeler version 9.0.9 was used to create an accurate 3-dimensional model of the building using the specifications and assumption provided by the design team.

In collaboration with SSH.