House of the East


This project consists of a cluster of houses that are located in a large plot of land. One of the main aims is to extend the number of months where the external spaces are used. In order to make the outdoor areas comfortable, a number of strategies are applied.

We have analyzed the sun’s movement and provided devices that shade outdoor zones during particular times of the year. Moreover, we have devised methods to capture the prevailing winds and redirect them to outlets located next to the shaded areas.

The overall approach, designed in coordination with the landscape architects will enhance the experiences in the outdoor spaces, by integrating the parameters of color and smell.

Finally, the different outdoor extensions to the internal zones are articulated in a way to allow for a flexibility of use in terms of functional requirements and time of day.

The landscape concept proposed to use irrigation and low maintenance plants and materials on most of the areas in order to reduce consumption and operational costs.

In collaboration with Vladimir Djurovic