Prototype House


The intent of this study was to design several alternatives of affordable houses for a large scale development.

The process involved designing and examining different options that provided similar spatial requirements.

The houses incorporated various non-traditional approaches in design and construction. The houses were built using the evg- 3d panels, a lightweight building component that allows for very rapid construction but that also has adequate thermal insulation  properties.

The design also incorporated a downdraught evaporative cooling strategy that is suitable for extremely hot and dry climates.

This system reduces the dependence on traditional air conditioning systems by utilizing water evaporation to humidify and cool the incoming air.

This study was done in collaboration with Dr. Bryan Ford.

Other more traditional design strategies utilized are the design of improved shading devices and recessed windows to reduce the

thermal load from direct solar radiation and added insulation to minimize heat gains through the walls.

In collaboration with Solidere Int.