Alita Hotel Competition, Lebanon (1st Prize)

The Alita Factory Hotel is influenced by two determining factors that render it unique. First, it is situated in an ideal setting – a town amidst nature that benefits from beautiful topographic features. Second, the conversion of the factory space into public amenities for the Hotel offers diverse possibilities with interesting spatial arrangements.

The existing structure incorporates the hotel’s public amenities, while another compact building accommodates the rooms, suites and studios separated from the first structure by an atrium. The grouping of buildings provides a large area of outdoor space treated with horizontal strips of different plant and tree types, which transform gradually from a linear to an undulating pattern. Bungalows are incorporated in this landscape scheme.

Several footpaths provide interesting and varied concourses in this natural environment that stimulates the senses of sight and smell in a unique context, benefiting from exceptional views of the Valley of Adonis and the sea beyond.