Ain Saade/ Team Residential Compound


This project rests on a south facing mountain hill. The volumes are integrated with the slope in a way that respects the natural aspect along with the surrounding trees and vegetation. Villas are located on site in a way to allow for natural wind flow reaching most volumes. Openings are positioned and oriented to benefit mostly from solar exposure, to avoid excessive heat gains and to allow for natural ventilation in most of the interiors.

Outdoor extensions have been treated as buffer zones, each with specific strategies according to orientations in order to offer comfortable outdoor conditions and reduce winter cold or summer heat on the interiors. The villas’ envelope materials have been also treated according to orientation, offering better insulation for the interior.

Shading strategies are implemented for the outdoor areas as well as the openings to protect from the direct solar exposure in the summer months and to allow for it in the winter.

A significant number of existing trees were maintained whereas they, as well as new trees positioned to protect from the cold winds and shade from the hot summer sun.

In collaboration with Polypod.