Established in 2000, Prime Design is an architectural and master-planning design firm, whose fundamental principles are informed by response to climate and the environment.

The Prime Design team is composed of architects, planners and engineers. The accumulated professional experience of this workforce spans over thirty years of expertise.

Prime Design provides comprehensive design services in architecture and master-planning, as well as environmental consultancy services for projects undertaken by other firms

Prime Design is committed to high-quality performance in all phases of its work. Our ambition is to improve the performance of buildings, and render them more comfortable and energy efficient. Moreover, we endeavor to enhance the spatial dimension of planning by studying the contextual parameters for each project. The designs we develop address environmental issues; our main goal is to sustain the physical environment, and subject it to the least possible disturbance.

We take into account site-specific environmental and physical parameters, with the intent of harnessing renewable resources. This working method yields designs that provide comfort, reduce energy consumption, cause minimal stress to the environment, and preserve the natural balance.

Prime Design maintains a close Client-Architect relationship during all phases of the design process. We collaborate with professional experts in order to provide comprehensive services, which address climate-responsive concepts and strategies.Description:

Aram Yeretzian:Graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor of Architecture from the American University of Beirut. Aram also obtained an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies from the University of East London (joint program with the Center for Alternative Technology, Wales) in 2006.Following his graduation and until 1998, Aram worked with Cabinets d’Architectes L’Arch in Nice, France, on architectural and urban planning projects. He co-founded design company Prime Design Architects s.a.r.l. in 1998, and held the position of principal in charge of architectural and design planning activities.He is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of the American University in Beirut. His course, given to 4th and 5th year students, addresses climate-responsive design strategies in

Krikor Yeretzian:Graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1959, with a degree of Bachelor in Civil Engineering. Krikor worked for five years in Lebanon on industrial building projects. He joined Dar-al Handasah in 1965, and was responsible for supervision and management tasks in Saudi Arabia on numerous projects.Krikor co-founded the Design and Consulting Partnership in 1974, and managed its various design activities until 1982. He is a founding partner of Prime Design s.a.r.l., where he heads structural design projects.

Zeina El Rifai:Graduated in 1994, Zeina holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration &

Nareg Karaoghlanian:Nareg graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut in 2006 and continued for a Master’s degree in experimental fluid mechanics with the thesis titled: “Laminar and turbulent boundary layers using Particle Streak Velocimetry.”Nareg joined Prime Design in 2009 and is currently engaged in researching and studying the integration of environmental parameters into architectural designs.Nareg was responsible for conducting solar simulations for Building 1394 in Minet el Hosn.In addition to preparing to become a LEED accredited professional, Nareg is in charge of the wind simulations in the document entitled “Ventilation strategies for residential buildings in Beirut” currently being prepared at Prime

Nader El Khoury:Graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Architecture from the Lebanese University. Nader also obtained a Master Degree (RIDEF) in energy for Kyoto from the Polytecnico di Milano, Italy, a program that focuses on the context of energy, decentralized energy production and management, environmental impact assessment, and energy efficiency